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The Jooste Force Cylinder

Diagram of Jooste's force cylinder

Force cylinders – manufactured in 5 sizes: 50, 60, 70, 80 and 100mm – are used for surface pumping and is capable of delivering water to a height of 250m and over a distance in excess of 5 kilometers. It comprises a force head with packing, cylinder 600mm, piston with two rings and rod and suitable valves.

Force Head

The Jooste force head is applied to prevent water from discharging from the top of the column of pipes when pumping with a windmill thus delivering water higher than the surface. The packing is specially designed for durability, to last longer and minimise adjustment.

Photo of dismantled force head showing each individual part
A.   Rod
B.   Nut
C.   Grease seal
D.   Packing
E.   Oil seal
F.   O-ring
G.   Housing

To install the force head

  1. Pull the rods up towards the end of the stroke.
  2. Clamp the rods above the riser pipe.
  3. Connect the stainless steel rod to the galvanized rod and lock with locknuts.
  4. Let the rods down towards the end of the downward stroke.
  5. Drop the force head housing over the rod and secure the force head housing to the pipe socket.
  6. Insert the O-ring and packing into the housing and lubricate the packing and rod with special grease supplied.
  7. Insert the grease seal.
  8. Place the oil seal in the groove inside the nut and secure the nut.
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